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Telemarketing and telesales


We’re doing telemarketing &telesales .  telemarketing is often confused with telesales but they are exceptionally different. Telesales is used to get sales over the phone whereas, telemarketing is used to build relationships to then get to the step to book and arrange appointments with the key decision-makers. Certainly, today’s business is focused on relationship & indeed relationship selling.



Indeed there are plenty alternative like; Direct Mail/Email, Social Media, Content Marketing, Trade shows, Face to face meeting etc. but still telemarketing is the most effective way because:


  • Telemarketing can work with either ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ lists

  • It’s Direct and Elicits a Direct Response

  • It’s Human, not a machine

  • It Increases the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Efforts

  • It Can Generate Key Customer and Marketplace Data

  • It’s Extremely Measurable

  • It’s Flexible


Why Telemarketing?

  • Easy to entry

  • Cost effective

  • Greater interaction

  • Rapport

  • Clarity of explanations

  • Reaching prospects beyond your borders

  • In-depth understanding of market trend & buyers attitude

  • Flexible in sales

  • Measurable results

  • Developers can’t sell but we can


Why Us?


1) Deep understanding of your target market

- We’ve profound understanding & an effective database of selected target markets for example: Paris, Madrid, Sofia Antipolis, Berlin, Hamburg and London.


2) Cost effective

- You can try 5 hours to minimum 4 weeks trial with us. For only $500 per week we can make over 1500 contacts & deliver reports to you for analysis. As well we can provide call recordings so you can hear precisely what your potential clients are saying.


3) Segmented targeting

- We  understand your business target and accordingly we segment the target market to get the business leads.


4)Our  Unique value proposition

- You can quickly scale up your sales force in a cost effective way.


5) We generate initial momentum quickly in a cost effective way

- You have a short campaign? It is OK we’ve got your back.


6) Want to train your existing team?

- We can effectively train you existing telemarketing team by coaching & providing strategic scripts & marketing techniques.


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